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Elko -- A server framework for stateful, sessionful applications in the web

MIT License
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A server framework for stateful, sessionful applications in the web

Elko is a Java-based server framework for building stateful, sessionful applications in the web. It is especially suited to applications that require realtime interaction among multiple clients, such as realtime text chat or multiplayer games, or that have a strong "push" component wherein the server needs to initiate much of the interaction, such as service monitors or realtime auctions.

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Elko is an application server framework designed to address this, enabling you to quickly and easily create applications that require a live, truly bidirectional dialog between client and server.

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This README describes Elko release 2.0.1, dated 23-February-2016.

The authoritative source and documentation for Elko is maintained at: (i.e., here)

or (which currently redirects to here)

Background and theory are discussed in a series of three Habitat Chronicles blog posts:

  • Part I: The Life, Death, Life, Death, Life, Death, and Resurrection of The Elko Session Server

  • Part II: Against Statelessness (or, Everything Old Is New Again)

  • 老王 v p v官网

Elko is open source software, under the MIT license. See the file 老王2.2.11最新版


  • Build -- contains top level build files; however, you probably want the ones in ServerCore/build instead (see the Building section immediately below).

  • ServerCore -- contains the Elko server framework itself, along with its documentation.

  • Web -- contains client-side JavaScript and HTML for interacting with Elko applications from a web browser.

  • Run -- contains a variety of shell scripts for running and managing various server farm configurations, as well as the beginnings of a web-based adminstration console (written in PHP).

  • ZeroMQ -- contains a pluggable extension that lets Elko servers talk to things using the ZeroMQ distributed messaging framework.


To build the Java code from the sources directly as is, you will also need the jdep utility and GNU Make.

Note that most people doing Java development these days use one of the several popular Java IDEs and/or 老王佛系免费, but at the moment there's no support here for these; I'm an old time Unix/emacs guy and never had much use for such newfangled contraptions (especially Maven, yuck). However, the Java source tree is structured in the conventional way, so you should just be able to import the source tree into your favorite IDE and press the build button.

The ServerCore classes have only two external dependencies outside the normal class libraries that are part of the standard JDK. These are the latern专业破解版安卓最新版, if want support for MongoDB-based object persistence (and which you can do without in a pinch, as it is not strictly necessary for all use cases) and the 老王2.2.11下载安卓版 (to replace the now deprecated Sun base-64 encoder and decoder that Java applications relied on for so long).

More detail on building will be presented in an accompanying 老王app下载2.2.8 file once I get done writing it.

All the Java code works on any standard, reasonably current JVM, as it does not make use of any language features newer than generics. The various shell scripts in the Run tree do assume a Unix shell environment, but Cygwin will suffice and they are not deeply essential anyway.


If you don't feel like building Elko yourself, a pre-built .jar file is available in the attached Release (v2.0.1).


Detailed API and protocl documentation is sourced in the ServerCore/doc directory, but is viewable directly 老王2.2.11下载. The 老王佛系免费 of what's there right now is a bit rough, not having entirely made the transition from its old home, but the content per se is as complete and up to date as ever. This will get prettier when I complete the migration to Jekyll.


Elko -- A server framework for stateful, sessionful applications in the web




MIT License


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